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Office Workout 

includes Hourly Exercise Grid 
& helpful How-To Videos 
Reinvent Yourself & Unleash the Disease-Fighting Power of Daily Movement
Our workout grid & 6 how-to videos will help you succeed at work or home!



An Intro to the Dangers of Sitting Day In & Day Out


Most people are surprised to find out that sitting most of the day carries a risk similar to smoking cigarettes.  This is why we created a fun, easy way to get you up and moving. 



Stretching Office Exercises


Work tension and repetitive motions we do daily can make some of our muscles very tight while weakening others.  Learn how to make smart stretching a part of your daily movements and offset the pinch life can take on you.


Lower Body Office Exercises


Most of your major fat-burning muscle groups live south of your waist.  Don't run the risk of losing out on these amazing metabolic benefits.  Also, these exercises will strengthen your legs so they can best support your whole body.


Balance/Core Office Exercises


Sitting for prolonged times can cause our core muscles to become weak, our backs strained and our balance off.  These simple exercises can help offset the negative effects of all day sitting (and the couch potato behavior many of us also continue at home). 

Upper Body Office Exercises


We never know how important something is until we lose it.  With neck and shoulder injuries affecting millions of office workers, get a grip on strengthening your arms and chest so you can maintain or create a pain-free, productive work life.

Deep & Happy Breathing 


If you have enough time to look up from your desk, you may have noticed most of us live within a big, stinking rat race.  In fact, nearly 90% of all chronic disease is, in part, due to poor stress management.  Luckily, deep & happy breathing is the simple antidote.

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